we started in 2010 "the Novintegral challenge", we are now at "full power" a professionals team, trained and cohesive, fully functioning, we have "in-house" professionals with more than 20 years experience in the market, with multidisciplinary knowledge and ensures that we can respond fast and safely to our clients challenges.

We are a group communication companies, we are now able to respond very effectively to any globally challenges in the areas of design and production environments spaces and booth´s, to high premium structures design or any exhibition displays, we can also respond graphically and strategically to your briefings Over the first four years of Novintegral already received challenges that come to us from the four corners of the world like Germany, United States, Angola, Mozambique and other overseas places.

They all were answered and performed successfully.

We can tell you that we already have a prize for the best booth at the Filda Fair in Luanda a Booth for ZAP Angola television, we provide John Deere in Germany and the USA, we have assembled stands in Mozambique, all Europe, and ... and customers keep with us.

We are with a long Road Ahead!